Aid and Rebuilding
Lokki 2003
After the destructionof the village in august 1999, the rebuilding of the village in 2004 became the new goal of our committee.
For us, rebuilding includes restoration of education, help with the rebuilding of public buildings, etc and the waterproject.
Of course our plans must be brought within the local rebuilding plans.

Februari 2007

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Aid and Rebuildingproject mei / juni 2005
Our projects of 2001 - 2002 - 2003-2004-2005 will be found under "archives" at the page "welcome"   

± 140 schooluniformes, writingmaterials, 2005

nieuwe school
           the new school, 2004
herstelde brug
     one of the repaired bridges, 2005
       a damaged bridge, 2004
         one of the repaired bathing area's, 2005
bak mandi
     a damaged bathing area, 2004
          yayasan Air Bersih Lokki 20-01-05

          entrance of a bathing area, 2005

       one of the repaired bridges, 2005
our gifts for supplies for bridges and bathing areas

The Maranatha church in Leiden
has given the two churches in Lokki a generator which were bought with the returns of a project "Gemeentemaaltijden in de Paastijd".
The vicar of the Geredja Kristen Protestan Injili Indonesia signed the receipt of a generator for the church in Lokki.
De Gereja Protestan Maluku Anggota PGI also received a generator .

We also brought medicine for malaria, a sphygmomanometer which is a tool to measure the bloodpressure and some bandage dressings to the nurse in the village.

 Aid and Rebuildingproject nov./dec. 2004
liliane 1995
                           Lokki 1995
liliane 2004
              Lokki 2004
aankomst bomen
                        the trees arrived in Lokki
donation of the young trees             
administratie bomen

voorlopige kerk
               new church

bintang perharapan
The church "Bintang Perharapan" in 1995
     oude kerk aks noodkerk
         The church as emergency measure for Christmas
our gifts for supplies for bridges and bathing areas
              again a lot of flowers
gift ballen
                 for the schoolchildren
     They can play again
a rest-pause
You too can help give the citizens of Lokki a liveable village again.
Send your gift to our account, or visit our webpage "action and gifts" for donations , sponsoring and/or orders.
Your money will be well used !

Stichting "Air Bersih Lokki "
Bank AMRO Tiel ( The Netherlands)


                former school Lokki