Summary of the waterproject and meeting with Team PT. Fastro Toma in Ambon.

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The Fastro Team:

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                  Hein         Hengky, Nuel, Ferry, Herold     Lilian  Paul, Hengky, Marthen, Alice

onze tussenpersoon in Ambon: Efy Matakena

january 2007,
Staff of Air Bersih Lokki (ABL) were introduced by a Dutch foundation and a member of PUM Netherlands to Fastro Toma (FT) in 2006.
Fastro Toma is a company which is specialized in the use of solar energy. This method they use a.o. to build water provisions and lighting for houses.
The final project started July 2006 with an orientation visit to Lokki by a team of Fastro Toma. On September 29, 2006 the realization of the project started which ended on December 16, 2006.

Saturday January 13, 2007 Loes Luhulima, Anja Matakena-de Jongh (ABL Netherlands) and Evi Matakena (ABL Ambon) had a meeting with Fastro Toma in Ambon. We met staff of Fastro Toma who worked in Lokki for the water project. Nuel Hukom showed us how they worked on the project during the past months. At the end of the meeting both parties, ABL Netherlands and Fastro Toma signed the agreement that the project is delegated to ABL Netherlands.

Monday January 15, 2007
Team FT gave a tour around the village of Lokki to ABL and showed all the parts of the water project. The ABL team was very impressed about the professional work team FT had performed. During this tour different possibilities for enhancements were discussed.
Anja Matakena will have a separate meeting with team FT in Ambon before she leaves for Holland. Team FT will make an estimate which ABL will discuss in Holland. The enhancements will be described under "extra".

Tuesday January 16, 2007 a service of grace was held in Lokki. During this ceremony team ABL officially delegated the water project to the administration of Lokki. The agreement was signed by Loes Luhulima, chairwoman of team ABL, Pejabat Elias Mailuhu and two ministers of Lokki as witnesses.

A local team of five men has been formed to perform small repairs to the installed equipment.